Key markets and Products

Since 1921, Wendland Manufacturing has been providing the highest quality tanks and ASME pressure vessels to customers in the commercial, industrial, and municipal markets. We use our engineering know-how, cutting-edge facilities, and customized service approach to surpass client expectations on every project.

Wendland Manufacturing’s expertise in the areas of design and engineering makes them much more than a vendor or supplier. We see them as a valuable partner in the creation of our customers’ large-scale HVAC systems.

Craig Vinci
Texas Air Systems

Wendland Manufacturing is able to step in and serve as a knowledgeable expert on the pressure vessels we need for natural gas processing. They augment our own team to fill in the gaps and make sure that we are addressing every possible project requirement.

Project Manager
An EPC Company

Our projects have to be built and maintained with remarkable precision in order to function safely and reliably. Wendland Manufacturing’s attention to detail gives us confidence that every product they provide meets our demanding standards.

Project Manager
An EPC Company.